“The Rosie Project” is a fun read, but not worth all the fuss

rosiePeople are always talking about the worldwide hit novel “The Rosie Project” by Graeme Simsion. For about a year, I’ve had it in the back of my mind to pick it up and give it a read. This week, I finally read it so I could be in the loop and know what all the hype was about.

In “The Rosie Project,” Don Tillman is a genetics professor with brilliant scientific ideas but dreadful social skills. Living in Australia, he is completely on his own aside from his work colleagues and a married couple that he considers his best friends. While he isn’t aware of it, the author alludes to the fact this eccentric character may in fact suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome, which causes his social ineptitudes.

When realizing he is aging with no romantic prospects, he decides it’s time to find himself a wife. Because of his love of scientific method, he decides to find his partner the only way he knows how—using a science experiment. With the help of his friend Gene, he compiles a list of questions that he believes will help him find the perfect wife. What he doesn’t know is this little experiment, affectionately called The Wife Project, will change in ways he never expected.

Don gets all of his questionnaires back, but realizes quickly that maybe his idea wasn’t the best, because none of the women seem right for him. Gene introduces Don to a friend who he knows is the complete opposite of what Don is looking for—a waitress named Rosie with spikey hair and a tough exterior. She doesn’t meet any of Don’s criteria.

While Don feels no romantic emotions towards her, he finds her to be his next science project. The two embark on a mission to find her biological father. Against all odds, these two become friends and realize that all their walls can be broken down with help from one another. Can Rosie look past Don’s social awkwardness and see the heart beneath his complex exterior? Can Don ever feel love or does he only rely on science?rosie-project-9781476729091_hr

Overall, the book, is pretty decent. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it and I didn’t really get what all the fuss was about. The best part of the story, in my opinion, isn’t the story itself, but the characters within the story. They are quirky, likeable and realistic.

While I did find it interesting to see someone overcome their social awkwardness in print, I thought the story itself was very predictable. Even though many people have said that “The Rosie Project” is an original and unique idea, I saw it more as a fancy fan fiction version of “The Big Bang Theory” where Sheldon somehow gets Penny to fall in love with him.

With that being said, I love “The Big Bang Theory” so I thought “The Rosie Project” was a cute concept and a fun and quick little read. It certainly wasn’t my favorite book I’ve ever read, but I do think that there is a huge market that would love this book. I put it in the same category as I put the “Shopaholic” books. I read them, I liked them, but I don’t actually think they are anything special. They’re just fun to read.

Recently, it was announced that “The Rosie Project” would made into a movie in the next couple of years. Believe it or not, I’m actually excited to see this on the big screen for a couple of reasons.

The first is that I actually think it would make a better movie than a book. There is a lot of dialogue in this book that I think would come across on screen better than in print, and I would love to see the characters come to life even more when given a physical representation.

The second reason is that Jennifer Lawrence has been cast to play Rosie, and she can’t do anything wrong can she? She can only make “The Rosie Project” more likeable, and it’s already pretty likeable to begin with.

For a good laugh, try “Hyperbole and a Half”

hypherboleRecently my sister came to visit me, and one of the things I love about my sister is she always brings me gifts galore. This visit, she brought me a book called “Hyperbole and a Half,” written by Allie Brosh.

Maybe I had been living under a rock or something, but I had never heard of the phenomenon of “Hyperbole and a Half” until rather recently. This is only surprising because it’s actually kind of a big deal. Not only is it a big deal, but it is laugh out loud funny and unlike anything else I’ve ever read.

In 2009, Brosh started a blog with the same name, and it gained fame rather quickly. Her blog is a web comic that she illustrates herself.

When the website became popular, she took a few of her favorite stories from the website and wrote a few new stories to create a book filled with color illustrations and comical anecdotes. It is essentially a picture book for adults.

Not only are the stories in the book absolutely hilarious, but her drawings will crack you up as well.

These comics range from stories of her childhood to stories about her relationship. A lot of the comics are dark, dealing with her depression and anxiety. The star stories—in my opinion—all revolve around her dogs, though.


Brosh’s voice is so clearly defined within the context of her work. After reading only a couple of her stories, you will feel like you know and understand Brosh. Regrettably, if you’re anything like me, you will probably connect with her on some level too—which will probably make the stories funnier to you.

While each comic is completely ridiculous, it is ridiculous in a great way. I read every story, and I laughed at each and every one. It’s a great way to escape your daily activities and just enjoy a few minutes of laughter.



Whether you have a ton of time on your hands or hardly any time at all, you can definitely fit “Hyperbole” into your busy schedule.

Unlike a novel, it doesn’t matter how much or how often you read it, because none of the stories are actually connected so you can go at your own pace. You may not have time to get immersed into lengthy novel, but you certainly have time for a ten page short story that is destined to put a smile on your face.

“Hyperbole and a Half” is a fresh new take on blogging and humor books alike. If you are a fan of humor books or blogs, you should definitely shell out the cash for this one-of-a-kind read. If you love to read but are looking for something other than a novel, this may just be for you too.

Next time you are looking for a good laugh, trust me, and try “Hyperbole and a Half.”



*Photo Credit: Original drawings from “Hyperbole and a Half”


The sweet side of Pittsburgh: Kelly O’s Grilled Cinnamon Roll


Recently my husband decided to take me on a trip to cross something off my bucket list. He took me to Pittsburgh to the Andy Warhol Museum.

Our trip was amazing—Pittsburgh is such a happening, cool place. We had a great time together experiencing the city, the museum, the culture and the people.

The best thing about our little getaway, though, was the food.

Let’s put it this way—people in Pittsburgh know how to eat.

We experienced some amazing cuisine while in the city. From bone marrow served with toast and apple butter to foie gras, we tried it all, but since my blog is about the sweeter things in life, I thought I’d stick to that.

As many of you know, my favorite food is the cinnamon roll. I will eat one anytime, any day or any place. I can’t help it. They are my biggest weakness.

20150719_165351220_iOSOur last stop during our trip to Pittsburgh was for breakfast at Kelly O’s.

A well-known spot in town, Kelly O’s has been featured in many magazines and food blogs, as well as television shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network.

When we sat down, the first thing I scoured the menu for was, of course, anything in the cinnamon roll family.

And there, on the menu, in the side dishes section like it wasn’t a big deal at all was something called the grilled cinnamon roll.

Obviously, I ordered it. 20150719_162222414_iOS

This wasn’t your average, everyday cinnamon roll. This was something entirely different.

While it wasn’t what I expected at all, it didn’t disappoint. It was two huge pieces of grilled to perfection goodness.

After doing some research I found out that the cinnamon rolls originally come from Oram’s, a bakery in the nearby city of Beaver Falls.

Apparently the genius people at Kelly O’s slice the gigantic cinnamon rolls in half, dip them in loads of butter and grill them until they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Then they cover them with powder sugar galore.


So what did it taste like? While it didn’t exactly taste like a cinnamon roll, it did taste like the freshest, most delicious donut of all time.

I loved the warm, gooey middle section filled with cinnamon, but the crispy edges were the shining star of this dish. This dish melts in your mouth and exhilarates your sweet tooth all at the same time.

If you’re heading to Pittsburgh anytime soon, do yourself a favor and stop in at famous Kelly O’s. If you’re not heading there, find an excuse to go—believe me, this cinnamon roll is worth it.